Psonic Onyx,Mitsu Diamond DLP or Pion Elite Plasma

I am trying to decide on a TV that I will most likely not put on a wall. I am currently looking at the top of the line Mitsubishi rear projector DLP, Panasonic Onyx or Pioneer Elite. I am interested in best picture, reliability etc. Price is less of an issue if there are large differences in picture. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I have browsed for months and have seen nothing better that the Elite .
The new Mitsubishi DLPs are very good, but best PQ I have seen so far is Fujitsu plasma.
You cant put The Diamond Mitz (52'/62' 825)on a wall, its too big/deep. Wont work. I love the Onyx, its black levels are much better that the PIO but both are good sets.

Where are you located?
I've been looking at the Mits. But the 725 series. I don't want a pvr in the tv.---One of differences of the 825---the other dif(besides the extra grand) is it is said to have a better protection screen. (Less room glare)-------My problem is when you see these sets in a store---on a HD loop---there are no dark scenes.---At home in the real world there are plenty of dark scenes. YES??
BTW; the 525's are exactly the same, save for a very glare--ee screen. Guts are the same.