PSB Synchrony One or Two

Anyone compared these two speakers and have any comments?

Also anyone know how these would compare to either Vienna Mozart/Baby Grands or PMC OB1?

One blows two away.
If that's the case then the 1's may be the best speaker bargain on the planet because I auditioned the 2's and was very impressed.
I have to say the One's are very special. As a dealer I feel it's the best speaker PSB has ever made imho.

We also have the Two's in the showroom as well and they are also a very nice speaker. The Two's have a lot of slam for their size. Mind you this is still a fairly small speaker. But it sure sounds bigger than it is.

A completely different sound than the VA's. There is a lot of life in the Synchrony's.
How open is the midrange on the One or Two? Or is the difference all in the bass?
With the addition of the 4" midrange in the One's, it's definitely noticeable. As for the bass, yes, it's there in larger amounts, but it's very tight and just right.

I would have to say the One's are my favorite full-range speaker below $6K right now. It's a speaker that performs well with all types of music.
What minimum size room do you recommend for the Ones (and Twos) to avoid having overpowering or bloomy bass?

How far should they be from the back and side walls

My friend being a PSB dealer, we had a late night listening to all the Synchrony series with all kind of electronics.
As Ttowntony said, the ones are very special and are definitely an incredible bargain.
I actually traded my Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grands for the PSB's which are way more precise and alive with my Naim/Rega combo! I miss a little bit the warmth of the Vienna, but the PSB's sound stage is so huge and precise.
Very, very tight bass on the one and you can control the amount of bass using their port plugs. I was skeptical about the all plug thing, but it actually works very well.
My room is about 20 feet by 11 feet and it works find. They probably would sound better in a bigger space, but I have no complain in my room so far.
Good luck!
How do the Ones compare to the Twos from your perspective?

Are the Twos close to the Mozart Grands?
Also how does the midrange in the Synchrony compare to the Vienna?

And the tweeter?

Anyone any ideas?
The Vienna tweeter wasn't the last word in terms of details. It was sweet and precise but when we switched for the PSBs so many details came up.
The transient of the PSB is so much faster than the Vienna. Very dynamic.
I actually bought the One over the Two for there better definition in the midrange. The dedicated midrange driver makes a huge difference. Female voices were much much better with the One.
As Mlauner said :"One blows Two away".
Which Vienna did you compare to the PSB? The Mozart or Beethoven?

Acdvd, For goodness sakes make your own mind up man! The forums can only help so much. I'm glad I'm not selling you a a pair of speakers or anything else for that matter.
The reasons I can't buy these now are:
(1) PSB will only be available in my country next week
(2) Vienna will HOPEFULLY be available in 3 months - I can possibly import it directly from Austria.
That is why I have not bought and been looking for ideas on how they compare given I cannot even audition them yet, or may never be able to audition Vienna before buying.
That said I am 100% sure I will be buying either PSB or Vienna!
I landed up purchasing the Synchrony Two. The shop did not have the One's but I was quite satisfied with Two's and the One's were a bit out of my price range. Anyway the midrange is very clear, have heard a lot of details I have not heard before on my CD collection. I have used the port plugs to tame down the bass, which makes it a bit more articulate as well.
Highs are quite good as well - extended, not harsh, and clear. Its a titanium dome, so it does not have the sweet sound of a soft dome, or the acoustic sound of a ribbon, but it is fully competent and fast. Stereo imaging is also exceptional - very pinpoint and stable - I can ditch the center channel for some movies it is so good. I am yet to notice much soundstage depth however my setup is quite close to the wall so perhaps part of it is an optical illusion anyway.

All in all the speaker is a very good all-rounder with no apparent weaknesses. Very accurate, clear, and exact.
What I wanted to ask:

(1) do you know if the bass drivers break-in on the PSB's or is that an audio myth? There is nothing in the manual about it.

(2) What would be a good matching CD player for these speakers? I am using a Simaudio I3-RS amp which is quite clear and neutral, very much solid state type. I'd appreciate feedback if you know any of these.
My options (I am limited in my country by choices):
- Yamaha CDS1000
- NAD M5
- Astin Trew AT3000