PSB Image t6 or Imagine T? No sub and rotel amp

Hello, I am relatively new to this and have a pretty specific question that I would really appreciate your help with. I am upgrading my speakers and really do like the PSB line. I know others will have differing opinions and suggestions for better value but I have narrowed it down to the PSB Image t6s and Imagine Ts. The two sets would be roughly the same price, with Imagine Ts being very lightly used and the T6s new. I have a Rotel 1520 integrated amp with 60 watts per channel according to the manual and no sub output. I only listen to music and mostly from my Rega turntable. In your opinion, which speaker would be the better option considering I don't need it for surround sound, there's no sub and the amp I have? Thank you very much for your help.
I have a set of Imaging Bs that got me into this hobby. Fantastic speakers. The Imagine line is above the Image line (which I have not heard). However, the designers usually save their better sound for the more expensive lines - like any product. My Imagine Bs image with pinpoint precision and cast a very real center image. For my small room, I can't imagine using the Imagine T because the B has so much bass already.
I have PSB Syncrony One, Stratus Gold, Stratus Silver, Image 65t and Image 4t speakers. Obviously I like the PSB sound. The T6 is similar to the 65t and will provide robust bass without a subwoofer. the replacement of the smaller midrange driver for one of the woofers is a good thing I think. It is a good choice.
The Imagine T is probably a better speaker through the midrange and treble, with a little less power in the bass. If that is not important to you, then it is probably a better speaker.
Thank you very much for your help
Just curious, what type of music do u listen to? Vinyl thru PSBs makes for some nice sound. I lived with my Synchrony Two's for a while and then added a sub later on.
Manitunc is spot-on with his assessment.
I wonder where my response went? I wrote a long answer this morning but it hasn't appeared. I wish Agon would get their forums fixed. Anyway, basically I said I'd lean to the Imagine T because I like the Imagine B.
I listen to almost all vinyl. Have the CD player hooked up but much prefer my Rega RP3. Genre-wise it's mostly rock, alternative and 60s r&b with the occasional classical and jazz thrown in. Thanks for your input on the speakers.
Imagine T. $2200 per pair vs. $1300. Not familiar with the different lines in psb but it looks like the imagine is the next line up. I recently saw a pair of image t6's on the local c-list for $400...
I think we need a moratorium on music style seeming important to speaker selection. "I listen mostly to streaming Bangra dance music and solo flute on 78s, with some Mahler and Tibetan Throat warbeling 45 rpm LPs"...I can't take it...please...I refuse to let my hifi dictate to me what it plays best as I insist it be a slave to my taste and play any damn thing I want to hear...cruel maybe, but I won't let it push me around...I repay it with frequent dusting and tube rolling.
Lol, there it is Michael! Happens to me sometimes too, only mine never appear. By the way, is there a limit to how many curse words you use in a single thread?
I know. I guess Agon wants to protect the members on the forums but it can make getting answers tedious.