PS Audio power plant owners advice please

I'm enjoying a PS Audio P500 and am experimenting with the multiwaves and the sine waves. I was hoping to get peoples experiences using both sine wave and multiwave with PS Audio power plants. I've tried all the different multiwaves with the MultiwaveII in the P500 and decided that I like mwavI and mwavII the best for various reasons. What I've discovered this morning is that sine wave function at 60 HZ sounds a bit less boosted in the lows and mids but sounds more natural. It took about an hour and a half for my cables to settle with the sine wave change but after the cables settled I noticed that the sound is more like my sound used to be before the power plant but without the harsh hash sound from directly to the wall.I'm having fun and am realising that I was missing a little openess to the sound using the multiwave functions but still enjoy them just the same.I'm playing with voltage setting as well and realise that sine 60HZ at 120 Volts may be a good option.
Any opinions or advice would be appreciated.
So far 117Volts seems to be good for me. I find 120Volts to quick and bright sounding. Although the sine mode at 60 HZ is good and natural sounding, I see the charms of multiwave.