PS Audio P500 vs VPI SDS

Will plugging your TT's motor into the P500 yield the same benefit as plugging it into the VPI SDS? The P500 has a "Multi Wave" feature that generates pure 60HZ AC.
I'm not all that familiar w/ the PS Audio product, but I do have the VPI SDS. The SDS allows extremely fine adjustments to the frequency fed to the TT motor, so that with a strobe, you can set your turntable to EXACTLY 33 1/3 RPMs. On my VPI Scout, the SDS is actually set to 59.16 HZ, which gives me the exact speed I want.

Also, the SDS reduces the voltage that is fed to the motor once the motor is at speed. When the TT Motor is first turned on, the SDS feeds it 115V. Once its up to speed, it reduces it to 72V. The theory is the less voltage, the less chance for noise.

Finally, I understand that you do NOT want to use Multiwave on turntable motors. But that you do not need to use the Multiwave on the P500 and can simply have it produce a straight 60HZ without "multiwaves."

Hope this of some help.

What turntable are you using
Coffee Nudge, thank you for the thorough response! Blcube, I am currently using a Nottingham Space Turntable, Origin Live Silver 250 and Shelter 901. Well, I guess I may have to spring for the SDS or the Nott's Wave Mechanic.
Aisip- Any syncronous AC motor will need 60 hz, give or take a hertz or two. The "Multiwave" function allows for a variety of cycles in 10 hertz increments and anything other than the 60 hertz setting will likely damage an AC motor.

There probably would be some benefit to having the 'Nott plugged into the P500 set at 60 Hz. However, if the primary purpose of the P500 is to feed the table, you'd probably be better off spending the money on the Wave Mechanic or the SDS. Seeing that 'Nott designed the Wave Mechanic for it's own table, I'd investigate it as well as the SDS very closely.

FWIW- Others here have suggested that there is no need to consider a DC motor for the 'Nott as there is some synergy with the stock AC motor.
As Jimbo 9 states do not run a ac motor in a multiwave setting it will damage it. It needs 60hz sine wave. Keep in mind the p500 has several settings in multiwave.
I have a p600 and have my VPI TNT JR pluged into it at 60 hz sine wave and it does not sound fast as I know the SDS will run at 57 hz, the SDS is more accurate. I would recomend the SDS over just plugging it in the p500 but on the used market thats 650 bucks than you allready have assuming you have a p500. David
Once again I realize I am wrong. I was on PS Audios site thinking of upgradeing my p600 from mutiwave I to multiwave II. Noticing that the p500 has the multiwave II and tubewave. With multiwave II in sine wave 50hz to 120hz it can be adjusted in 1 hz increments, giving you more control in a AC motor. Multiwave I is in 5 hz increments in sine wave 50hz to 120hz. There you go , keep in mind every thing else pluged into will be at the same setting. David
Thank you for all the great responses. Mr. Cylinderking, you just saved me a bunch of dineros! You da' Man!
I recently needed service on my PS500 and spoke with an engineer with the Company. He indicated that the Sine setting would be best for my TT and would provide a great source for my tube pre, tube pre-pre and CD player. My system operates at about 50% and the noise floor has dropped. The Mitchell Orbe is also dead on 33 1/3. By the way, they did the repairs free and paid the transportation costs even though I'm not the original owner.