PS Audio DLIII v Peachtree Nova DAC

Has anyone compared PS Audio DLIII to the Peachtree Nova DAC? I currently have a DLIII, but am looking into the Nova as a one box solution.

I like the DLIII sound, very big and warm, but am looking to simplify my rig. I had the Nova about a year ago and found it to be thin sounding. My entire rig has changed since then.

Thanks for any input.
It's difficult to answer this since it is very system dependent. I've owned the Decco and Nova and currently own the PS Audio DLIII. For an all in one solution, I really liked the Decco and the Nova. I thought the Nova was a little more polished of the two, but I really liked the NOS dac in the Decco. When I changed my system and purchased a balanced preamp/amp, the PS Audio sounded better to me than using the Nova as a dedicated dac. The PS Audio was connected using the balanced outputs. It was faster, more detailed, lower noise floor and more dynamic. It just sounded better to me in that particular system.

Both are very good, but it depends on what you're looking for. It's tough to beat the simplicity of the Nova and you can surely buy a better dac that the DLIII if you have the funds. If you have balanced equipment, I would go for the PS Audio.
I agree with Johsti; I feel the PS Audio DL III outperforms the Peachtree Decca and Nova dacs hands down.