PS Audio Digital Link III

I have not had a chance to listen to this piece but am looking for a new DAC and this one is on a short list. Any thoughts about this piece would be appreciated,Thanks!
I cannot compare the DL III to other stand alone units, however, since I have had mine and have used it with several different CDPs I have been extremely pleased. It seems the music is more life-like, more three dimensional, especially the midrange-voices, strings, piano. I hear the Cullen mods are even better and I am considering it, but I don't want to do without my unit for the time it takes to do the mod. I give it a hearty recommendation.
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What is your current digital source, and what are you trying to achieve? You may be surprised at just how subtle the audible differences are between a good (newer model) stand-alone CD player and that same player run through a good external DAC. As with most high-end audio upgrades, the issue is one of investment vs return, and beyond a certain point, the return on investment begins to diminish. If you already own a good CD player and your system provides a good natural soundstage, good imaging, “realistic” timbre and satisfactory bass response, then the DL-III may not add much other than slightly enhancing those characteristics.

I spent about $1,600 on the Stage IV Cullen DL-III and my return on that investment was in fact subtle. I can hear a difference, but it is not a “bowl-me-over” difference. The bass response, that was already quite good, is now more “controlled” (in that there is slightly less bloom) – there is not greater frequency response, simply a bit more control; the soundstage, which was already quite good, is now a bit bigger (it “opened” up more) – I can hear it when doing A/B comparisons – it’s real, but without doing A/B comparisons I doubt that I’d really notice; the midrange, that was always a weak link for me (but do more to my speakers than the CD player), is now more detailed, which I definitely prefer. So, for $1,600 I got a little more bass control, mental satisfaction knowing the soundstage is better, and a definite improvement in the midrange, which I needed because of my speakers (i.e.: you may not). Additionally, I do hear an audible difference on Redbook CDs that are not well recorded. It’s not a miracle (in that it won’t make really bad CDs sound good), but I can now enjoy more of my collection – which is a good thing.

Take this information with the knowledge that the industry indicates that the PS Audio DL-III (i.e.: reviews) competes favorably with much more expensive DACs on the market, and most- if not all – of the DACs within its price-range.
An added benefit of the DL III, and similar units, is the added digital inputs including USB. I have started to explore the use of USB through uncompressed music from my laptop and streaming music from online. It opens up many more possibilities. Even if the stand alone CDP was equal, the added DAC from other sources makes it a bargain.
I have started to explore the use of USB through uncompressed music from my laptop and streaming music from online. It opens up many more possibilities.


I'm glad you added that. I look forward to exploring these same options. I plan to install a music server once I decide the best direction to take. I would be interested in your thoughts on the quality of internet radio, uncompressed digital files and the overall sound differences between CDP/DAC playback vs. laptop/DAC playback.

I have found the quality to be very good from this station, 128-192 kbps, but not as good as CDs.

I am just beginning to explore this music source. There are others much more knowledgeable. Search here for discussion topics. Once you learn for yourself, come back and share with us. Have fun!