PS Audio 250 Delta monos replacement

I will preface this query by saying that I KNOW I'm not a proper audiophile. Okay.

Now, I have a pair of PS Audio 250 Delta monos that have rocked my world for more than 20 years now. Problem is (here is where the eye-rolling will enter the picture) they don't fit the entertainment center that I have chosen. In the theory that "it's easier to change an amplifier than a room design that you love," just wondering if anyone has any suggestions about a stereo amplifier that is worth considering.

The preamplifier is the First Sound Reference passive, speakers are NOLA Boxers, front end(s) are Thorens TD 2030 and Primare CD21.

Other considerations are stereo amplifier, tubes not out of the question, since the NOLAs are a super-easy load, and sub $5k price range, as these days if I'm going to spend big bucks, it's going to be on carbon fiber track cycling bits rather than audio jazz.

The sound of those amps, for those not familiar, isn't much of a sound at all. Big, expansive soundstage, bass for days and enough juice to drive anything. Anything at all.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.
I sold your amps as a dealer back when, very enjoyable....Seeing how you like them an nice upgrade in a similar flavor would be.
my suggestion: Spread Spectrum Technologies
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