Brief Review: JW Audio Cryo Nova Speaker Cables

You know how audiophiles are. I’ve gone through amp after amp, speaker changes, cable after cable, over the years. In recent years I had been using speaker cables I had made up at a local shop, and after that i went back to my Chord Odyssey 2 speaker cables, mostly because a fellow I know of had them in a very good sounding system. After plenty of tweaking of my current setup - Klipsch RF72- Chord Odyssey 2 cables- NAD 375BEE- MacBook Pro- Thorens TD160, I felt dissatisfied with the sound of the setup. I had a pair of JW Audio Cryo Nova speaker cables laying around that had not been in use for about 4 years. In fact, I had forgotten about even considering them as an altenative. Looking to change the sound of my system, I connected the Cryo Nova speaker cables. I have been through a couple sets of amps and speakers since the last time I used the JW Audio cables. After installing them, I now hear into recordings more deeply. These cables brought more resolution, weight, air and transparency to the sound. The sound stage also got deeper. In fact, I did not know my NAD amp and Klipsch combination had the ability to produce the quality of sound I’m hearing now, with much more presence to the music. This is one time that unlike power cord changes and interconnect changes, the improvement in sound quality I hear has been substantial. I highly recommend you consider these inexpensive cryo treated speaker cables if you are looking to save money and improve on sound quality. After years of not using the Cryo Nova’s they are my new favorites.
Congrats @foster_9,

It pays to keep those older cable around. I have about half a dozen that I've never bothered to sell and try them out when I get a new component just like you did, just to see how they fare and as an indicator of how and where to proceed.

It's one of the joys of this hobby to come up with something that won't cost you a thing, other than the labor of trying it. 😄

All the best,
That's great!I recently switched out an ic for the same reason - couple of new components.So glad I kept them now.Gotta love freebies:)
Thanks Nonoise (good to hear from you), I know your moniker and know you've been around for a long time too! I don't contribute to the forums like I used to because I ran through all my excess funds flipping gear like a nut! - disappointing, Now I can only afford the cheaper economy gear, but I still appreciate quality sound and do a lot of tweaking on the cheap.