Properly pack a Thorens TD 125 MKII for shipping?

I have a Thorens TD MK II turntable with a Shure SME 3009 tonearm w/cart. that I will be selling here on AudiogoN soon.
I guess the best would be to sell it to someone local, this isn't always an option.
I do not have the original packing, box and material.
I would like to pack this properly as to avoid damage during shipping.
The chasis floats, how does this secure for shipping?
I will remove the platter, head shell and dust cover and will double box with plenty of packing material.
Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Rick.
I can only wish you good luck. I shipped a Rega P3 via UPS ived at the buyers on Friday the 13th. It was packed in it's complete and original Rega packing, which I garner they ship it in, but then it was double boxed in a second, much larger box, with newspaper between the original and outer boxes. It arrived with what looks like a fork lift hole breaching both of the boxes and destroying the table. I will surely be in for a fight with these idiots.
It is a tough item to ship. Technically you are supposed to remove the arm. I have shipped with the arm in place. You start with two cartons, extra cardbord, packing tape and bubble wrap. Bubble wrap the inner and outter platers . Set in peanuts on bottom of a reinforced bottom box. Secure the chasis with match books as wedges. Stuff the spindle with a paper towel, tape in place to avoid oil can then place the TT portion in a plastic bag and secure chasis with a piece of bubble and packing tape.Place this package in a snug fitting peanut lined box, build a cardboard box over tonearm, pack tightly with peanuts. set this on top of platters in larger box and surround with peanuts on all sides. Pack peanuts tightly . Crushed balls of newspaper also work fine. If something does not look right fix it. There is no guarantee that any TT will survive. The only guarantee is a local sale.