Item not working properly

Is there an official or unofficial time frame for reporting a purchased item is not working properly
What is the item and what is the time frame??

CD player. Two weeks after delivery  
Should get some money back or item fixed if seller is good,

You should get full refund plus shipping cost!
Is it a new cd player from a dealer or a used one from a private party?
I am actually the seller, and it (a used, maybe 3 year old player) was working perfectly before shipping. I do not anticipate any problems, but was wondering about the issue.
I guess I'm in  the minority here.  I have sold hundreds and hundreds of pieces of gear.  I usually will give maybe 5-7 days after receipt.

2 weeks is a lot of time for something to happen that's out of my control.  Roommates, wife, kids, maids, pets.  Power surges, brown outs, lightening strikes.

I've only had 2 such instances and after the buyer calmed down and started to investigate the actual details, it was found that someone/something on their end caused the problem.
I also found two weeks rather long, though the buyer is calm
Was the item working during the 2-weeks in his possession, if so, it just bad luck for the buyer as this is the risk you accept when buying used.  .   
good question brf
Was the item working during the 2-weeks in his possession, if so, it just bad luck for the buyer as this is the risk you accept when buying used. .  
brf...very well said.  Totally agree.
I very recently experienced an annoying intermittent muting problem with a Japanese preamp purchased through this site.  Had a high end salesman friend check it out and no, it was not my clumsiness with the volume/mute control.  Contacted the dealer/seller within 3 weeks of receiving the unit (who indicated he had not checked the unit out as it came from a "trusted" consignee) and he directed me to repair services with advice that repairs were on him.

Needless to say after lengthy testing & analysis, various attempts to import non existent parts from The Land of the Rising Sun, multiple phone calls and emails to importer, repair station, seller, etc, etc, etc, the seller, a really treacherous swine, offers to trade in the damaged unit on a $20K amplifier, but he'll let me kiss his behind for the $300 repair.  Both Audiogon & Paypal say they can't help as "time has run".  

My advice: get EVERYTHING in writing. Verbal promises are factually worthless. Return any defective item immediately regardless of seller's promises. Now I've got to sue this !!*&%!!@ dealer in Small Claims Court... and that's going to be a real pleasure.

Update; After no contact for another month, the buyer finally called the manufacturer as I originally suggested. He now wants me to pay for the repair or refund. It is 9 weeks since the sale.  He did not want to contact the shipper. Thoughts?
Tell ’em to go pound salt ! 9 weeks and he has done nothing, sounds like you are dealing with a real deadbeat !!