Progressive DVD players?

I am going to purchase a new DVD player and am considering the Sony S7700 (being discontinued). I don't own an HDTV, or HDTV ready, TV that can take advantage of progressive scan, but I will probably purchase one in the near future. Is the quality of progressive scan pictures that much better? I will use the unit 70% for music, 30% for DVD. I am interest in your thoughts on the different players out there.
progressive scan can virtualy double the vertical scaning lines. Yes the picture is noticable better when used with component video connections and used with a HDTV ready t.v. No HDTV ready t.v. then you will get NO benifits using a progressive scan player. Mitsubishi DD-6001 is a nice progressive scan player that incorporates HDCD decoding for audio cd's as well. Good luck
Robk- Jedisqueezer is not quite right. Your TV has to support progressive scan (420p, I think). HDTV is 1080i. Most HDTV's support 420p, and there are some TV's that do not support 1080i but will display a progressive scan picture.
Sorry about that I have REINVISTAGATED and found that SWAMPWALKER is right you only need 420p to get the benifits of progressive scan. But then again why not just go for the HD set so you can get that UNBELIEVABLE picture! Thanks SWAMP!
Actually 420p isn't as hi-rez as 1080i but close. There are excellent benefits to going progressive scan, as I'm about to do myself. Why not future proof as much as possible.
One thing to consider--the quality of the HDTV you will buy. On some of the better sets, and especially on a front PJ setup with a doubler, the prog scan DVD does an inferior job compared to the scan conversion available in the TV. I have tried a Pioneer Elite PRO710 both with progressive and standard outputs from a DV37 DVD, and I can't say that one was actually better. Different, with varied strenghts. It could depend on your tastes, the quality of the DVD transfer, or even room lighting. The closest association I can give is comparing an outboard DAC to a high end one box CD player--which component has the better convertor? Hope this makes sense to you. The upshot is if you buy a lower end HDTV, the progressive DVD can make it look a lot better. But you still have to suffer when you watch any other video source.
Yes progressive IS better. No fancy terms, no lengthy theories on why, it is just better to watch than even component dvd. I would like to suggest a player if you do not mind....the Toshiba SD-9100. You can find them second hand for around $500. Well worth the money. You won't de disappointed.
There is an article about progressive scan and HD in the current issue of The Perfect Vision. I found it to be very informative. I've lent the issue to a friend so can't refer to it at the moment. If I remember correctly the essence was that progressive scan is better if you have a monitor that can handle the signal. As with audio electronics there seems to be a wide variance in the capabilities/quality of HD and Digital monitors and progressive scan DVD players. I encourage you to purchase a copy of The Perfect Vision.
The picture quality of progressive DVD players is definitely better than that of non-progressive players. The main improvements you'll notice are a tremendous reduction in shimmering and "jaggies" in the picture quality, especially when there is a lot of motion or vertical lines (like a cityscape) in the picture. There isn't any reason, however, to purchase a progressive player unless your TV is capable of accepting the input from one. If it isn't, the picture quality won't be any different.