Processor/Amp combo

I am using Von Scheikert Vr4 jr's fronts, with Lcr15 center, and ts150 surrounds, and 2 subs. I need a good processor/amp combo that will do these speakers justice without breaking the bank. I am having a hard time finding preamps that will handle two subs. I also will be using this combo for just 2 channel listening so the combo must be musically excellent. Any ideas? Don't wanna spend more than $5-6k.
Their are many processors that will handle 2 subs . I used to have an Integra Research RDC-7 and now I have a Classe SSP-60 . Both processors have balanced {XLR} and single ended outputs that allow two subs to be used simultaneously.
If both subs are single ended, Cobalt sells a nice inexpensive XLR out , single ended in sub cable. Im sure their are other processors that can do this as well.