Proceed AVP2 vs AVP

I just upgraded my Proceed AVP to the new AVP2. The new DTS sound is much different from the old AVP. Also, the level is about the same as that of Dolby Digital and not 2-3 dbls. higher. Has anyone else any thoughts on this?
curious! I really like the DTS sound from my AVP. I think its particularly clean, usually less muddy than DD.

I just assumed that eventually I would upgrade. How do you rate the 2 channels sound? A dealer told me the bass was much better from the .1 output. Of course, all of it is supposed to be better; new dacs, circuitry, power supplies, etc.

My Proceed dealer and I have contacted Madrigal and the initial response was that the AVP2 DTS sound is different. More detailed information is coming next week when the engineers get out of meetings. So far, I have only had about 5 hours of listening time, so I haven't begun to compare sound. So far, so good. Today I am putting the Madrigal DC1 cable in the system. Most impressive of all was that this thing came in a box worthy of a Rolex. The rest of my system is Proceed HPA2 and 3 amps, and the Proceed PMDT transport. 5.1 speakers are Legacy, with Whispers as L&R. You (or anyone?) can contact me directly at to keep posted on Proceed developments.