Problem with NAD 533

I purchased a NAD 533, the seller stated it worked fine, I have no reason to doubt him. However, when I connected everything I got NO SOUND. I know all my connections are ok because I tested my preamp and receiver inputs with a different turntable and I got sound, albeit crappy sound due to a broken B&O mmc4. I took a close look at the wiring from the tonearm (standard REGA RB250) and the blue wire LH earth) was seperated, i gently soldered it to its appropriate connection to the cartridge, and still no sound. Is there anything else, save maybe my ignorance, that would cause no sound. Thanks
Does it have a ground wire that might be missing or not connected?
I believe the blue wire that was disconnected is a ground wire. I'm thinking there must be something else disconnected somewhere within the tonearm, but I too chicken to take it apart, mostly because I'm a total newb and have no idea what the heck I'm doing. Fortunately I have a friend who works for a hifi store that's a NAD distributor, he's going to send to NAD for me, so I'm without a turntable for a while. I'm thinking of picking up a SOTA Moonbeam since it's in the same price range. Any suggestions. Thanks