Problem with a Marantz AV9000

Anyone out there still own one of these? I know by technology standards its a dinosaur, but mine is still going strong except for one issue. If I unplug it or we have a power outage, it loses all of its settings. I thought it was not supposed to do that. I still use it on a daily basis, mostly for movies, but some music too. An Acurus 125x5 amp supplies the power.
Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me.

I've lurked on Audiogon for quite awhile but joined a few months ago.
My old AV9000 always did the same thing - I'm pretty sure it's an oversight in its design. I kept the main settings written down on a piece of paper on the end table next to the couch so that I could fairly quickly re-set the configuration.

That's one of the main reasons that I'm now using the AV8003 (although I was mighty glad that I still had the AV9000 when the new unit developed a problem that required a lengthy visit to the factory for repair).
i'd get a battery back up/surge protector unit ($25 on ebay) and keep your gear plugged into it.
Thanks for the responses. The battery backup sounds like a good idea. - J
There is a little Nicad (watch battery) that wears out and can be replaced. If you open it up you will see right on the circuit board or you can send it in to be replaced.
Thanks, Guy_fi. I'll pull the cover off and take a look for that.