ProAc Tablette 50 vs Linn Katan

Hey, would like to hear anyone's opinion on these speakers. I have the Katans, running them active with LK85's and a Audible illusions L1 and Jolida jd100 and REL storm. Phenomenal but interested in the upgrade.
I found the tablettes to be quite disapointing. (Particularily the tablette 2000 floorstanders.) I think in order to make a change from the the katans that wouldn't be a step down you would have to go the Proac response series.
As an owner and lover of ProAc Response 2.5s, I have to say every iteration of the Tablette I've heard has been unlistenable - hard and etched. I've heard them from the first model in 1984 through the Sig series. They literally drove my wife from the room and she has excellent ears for genuine musicality.
WOW! ProAc Zero Katan 2. It seems like the tabelettes don't have a good following or rating. Maybe I won't make the move. I just have the bug for change but want to make a wise move. Thanks for you information!