ProAc Future Point Five?

Any experience with this speaker?
How does it sound like?
What amplifiers and room size do you recommend?

How does this three way ribbon loudspeaker compare to a classical two way ProAc Response D25?

Bass? Midrange? I suppose the treble will be more refined given the ribbon tweeter...

Thanks in advance for your opinions!
Probably the worst speaker that Proac has made. I have heard that it is being discontinued. Even used at $2500, there are better speakers for less.

Now if you want a good looking plant stand.....
This is one of the best PROAC speakers. This is the only Future Series Speakers that is still in production. I have these Speakers working with a JADIS JA80 and the result is just fabulous. This is a very oppened sound loudspeaker whith a very refined tweeter. Midrange Is opened and holographic and bass is very well controled and deep.
Honestly you will not find a better speaker than these, for its price. It is only comparable with speakers costing twice.
I stonglly recommend that you listen to this beatifull loudspeaker.