Proac 3.8 / amp match


Curious as to what amp you are using with Proac 3.8 speakers.

What preamp do you have?
Well, just a brief story, maybe this will help you. In the '90s I was a Proac owner, first the Response 2, then the Response 3. Both very tube friendly, very easy to drive with the ARC tube amps I loved (D76A, then the VS55). So when the 3.8 came out, I figured, hey, why not. But I should have done my homework because the 3.8 was a different animal. The VS55 didn't control the bass very well and I suspect the 3.8 did not have a tube-friendly impedence. I later found out that they did much better with higher powered, higher current, 4-ohm friendly solid state, so the the 3.8s had to go.
I have an ARC LS15 and a VTL2.5.
When asked what was the best sounding system I have ever heard I recall a pair of Proac 3.8s driven by a pair of Cary tubed monoblocs. Unfortunately for this thread, I can't remember the model number but I think it was Rocket 88. The source was a Cary tubed cdp.
It had the most natural sound I have experienced in a home system. I've heard more expensive systems but none as relaxing to listen to.
FWIW, I have only owned Proac Response 1.5s and didn't really love them like I expected to.
You'll need some decent power for the 3.8's. I would use your VTL with a pair of Quicksilver V-4's if you can find a pair. ARC is OK too. I had a VT-100 on my 2.5's. Depending on room size and how loud you listen, it may not be quite enough. But its definately worth a try if you can demo one.
I'm pushing Proac D2 monitors with a Peachtree Grand X-1 Integrated. Yes, the 3.8 are a completely different animal from the D2, but the Peachtree Grand puts out 440 class-D wpc, so power and control wouldn't be an issue with the 3.8. My setup sounds nice. I do like Proacs and bet the 3.8 can really sing with the right setup and room.
I should have also mentioned that I have an ARC VSi55 in the same room, that I use in the colder months, and I like the Peachtree + Proac combo just as much as the ARC + Proac combo. Only difference is one doubles as a little space heater when it's chilly :-)