Pro-Ject Tube Box vs. Musical Fidelity X-LPSv3

I currently have the MF product but wanted to give the project a try. Any foresight on what I might hear differently?

Greetings! As a happy Tube Box owner for the past two years, I'll share my opinions, from which maybe you can glean at bit of value. I have a modest system consisting of Magnepan MMG's and/or ERA Design 4 speakers, a Pro-Ject RM6SB table with a Shure M97eX cartridge, all hooked up to a Luxman LV105 hybrid integrated. The Pro-Ject replaced an NAD PP-2, which to its eternal credit rekindled my interest in vinyl a few years back. By comparison, the PP-2 was harmonically threadbare, especially in the mids, more veiled and much less dynamic. The Pro-Ject offers much more body to music, voices are sweet, acoustic instruments sound natural, all illustrations that the mids are its strength. Clear, warm, liquid and musical. I have no quibble with the rest of the spectrum. It simply sounds quite enjoyable in my system. I recently borrowed one of the new Bellari 129 phono stages that has received lots of favorable commentary recently, and found it leaner and less involving and less "tube-like overall". I prefer the sound of the Tube Box in my system. Sorry I have no experience with the X-LPSv3. But I would certainly encourage you to borrow the Pro-Ject from your dealer and give it a try. If it works as well for you in your system as it does in mine, you may have a winner if tube sound is what you crave. Good luck.
Kat, thank you for the time and insight you've provided. I'm eager to try it. Further, I wouldn't be to sure you're system is "modest" as you put it. It sounds (pun intended) like a great system.

As a follow up generic question, can a system have too many tubes in the signal path? I already have a tubed integrated. Is there such a thing as, "too much of a good thing?"