Pro-ject rpm 10 carbon(new) vs Pro-ject Xtension 12 vs Pro-ject Signature 10

Is there anyone who has heard these three turntables compared?Which one is the best matching with Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge?
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The Signature is way more expensive than the Xtension or RPM, I really like the Pro-ject RPM 10 for that Cadenza Black though. The Signature could use a Lyra!
Thank you for your answer.I think the Signature is the same price with Extension 12 
The Xtension 12 is a $4500 table. The Signature series Starts at $6000 for the Sig 10 and goes to $13,000 for the Sig 12, that’s a huge difference imo . I think the real deal here is the RPM 10 at $3500, If your going Pro-ject. 

Matt M