Pro audio amps for a home system

I have been involved with live sound for quite a while, and home systems for a much shorter time. My system consist of a Moon P-5 pre amp, Von Schweikert VR- jr mark 1 speakers, Pro - Ject Rm-9 turntable , etc. my question is this. If i were to use two Crown xls1000 class D amps set up as bi amped would i run into any problems? Also is there a huge sonic difference between a live audio amp, and a more home designed amplifier such as a Rotel, marantz etc?

Short answer is yes, if you get the right amplifier.
There is probably something to be gained by losing some of the features that pro audio amps often have, active crossovers, active cooling, etc. That being said, Rotel and Marantz are pretty much the bottom rung of the amplifier ladder in the Audiophile world. Class D amp's all have a particular sound in my own opinion, many would agree that they can be a bit sterile and thin sounding.

If budget allows, you might consider a full Class A design as they tend to have a very different (and better in my personal opinion) sonic signature than Class D designs.
Most pro amps are designed for brute power and road worthy-ness. Finess and detailed presentation usually don't make it to the design team's list of priorities. That said, the Lab Gruppens are nice.