Primare A20 integrated???

Anyone here have any experience with the Primare A20?

I have a pair of NHT 2.5i's and i'm trying to match them up with a good quality, smooth sounding integrated.

These speakers have semi-low sensitivity 86db/w/m. They are crisp-sounding, slightly recessed midrange and semi-boomy bass (although I have the ports plugged with foam, which helps quite a bit).

I'm looking for an integrated that adds some 3d to the soundstage, is articulate (particularly in the midband) and has tight bottom end with smooth, but extended highs. (and by smooth highs, i dont' mean ROLLED OFF highs)

Is this Primare capable of delivering? Is the 70w/ch enough for these speakers?

I have been looking at several amps. Top contenders, based on specs and availability.

Primare A20
Moon i-3
Creek 5350se
Bryston B60r
Classe CAP101
Musical Fidelity A3.2cr
Unison Research Unico
Naim Nait 5
Arcam A85
Electrocompaniet ECI 3 (if I can find one at a good price)

Any comments on any of these and how they would work with my NHT's would be MORE THAN APPRECIATED.

I feel the Primare would be ideal for the NHTs. I have owned the A20 MKII and enjoyed it more than any integrated I had owned which included the Bryston B60, Plinius 8150i, Sim i5080. I recently sold it to upgrade to the the Primare A30.1 which has much of same Primare sound yet more of it. The A20 is sweet and liquid sounding, not rolled off however, with a very nice big soundstage and superb full midrange that is not dry like that on a Sim i5080. Bass is not bloated, it is tight and tuneful so it too would match idealy with the NHTs. I haven't heard all of the other amps and I'm sure they have their strengths but I didn't hear a weak area in the A20. Low bass is not as obvious or robust as on the Plinius or Sim but I liked the Primare's tunefulness. I also liked the Bryston and Plinius but I feel the Primare had the best of all worlds for my listening taste. Power is conservative at 70W, it will play loud and clean as it did with my GR Paradox 1s. It is a dual mono design so there is plenty of headroom for the NHTs. looks gorgeous and is built like a tank. BTW, I also think the Primare CD players are superb.
I can pipe in and add my recommendation with regards to the Primare integrated. A very nicely built and sweet sounding amplifier; the comments by 'mcfavre4' would certainly mirror my experience with the Primare. I did ultimately prefer a Densen B-100 integrated amp, but that is, of course, another story...