PrimaLuna Prologue 1 or 2?

To anyone with an informed opinion (which obviously includes Kevin Deal if he sees this):

I'm considering a PrimaLuna Prologue 1 or 2 for my system. I've read various descriptions of the sound qualities of each, at least with their stock tubes, but I'm having some difficulty in translating that info into what I'm likely to hear with the equipment I've got. So here it is:

Sources: VPI Scout/Sumiko BPS; modified Sony SACD; Rega Planet 2000 with ModWright Channel Islands DAC
Speakers: Meadowlark Kestrel 2; Hsu Research VTF2MkII
Room: 15'x18'x8'-8"
Music: pop, rock, jazz, vocals, classical, acoustic (folk/bluegrass)

If it makes any difference, I'm coming from a B&K ST-140 and Adcom GFP-710.

Craig, Unless you spring for the PL3 and PL7 go with the the PL2, at least based on my experience with the PL5 that's what I would do. Read the review of 6moons. I think he's pretty spot on on the combo. I've had conversations with Kevin Deal about the differences between the 5 6 and 7. All I've ever been able to get out of him is the curcuit differences between the unit's. No comments whatsever about the sound. For myself, if I was so inclined, I'd wait to read some independent reviews and user reviews on the 7's. I read the review on the PL6 in TAS and learned nothing useful.
Your comments on the relatively skimpy info regarding actual audible differences is well taken. I've been assuming that the differences I've read about between the EL34-based 1 and its brother, the KT88-based 2, are pretty similar across the board with the others (i.e., PL4/5 and PL6/7) and that may not necessarily be the case.

At any rate, it was a bit of a fantasy anyway. When I saw the 7s it was one of those "how can you *not* afford to do this?" kind of moments. With a little reflection, I can think of any number of ways I can not afford to do it. ;) If I like what I hear with the 2 but feel it just isn't "enough" I can always save my money until I have enough for the separates (monoblocks or otherwise).

Thanks for helping to give me that moment of reflection. It looks like the 2 is it.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the thread. After considering everything that was said, I decided on a Prologue 2, and found a nice-looking used unit at what I believe is a decent price from a reputable source here on Audiogon. With a little luck it should arrive before the week is out.

Thanks once more to everyone for their invaluable help!

Hi Craig:

Congratulations on going with the Prima Luna product. I think that you will enjoy the Prologue 2. I have done well the SED Winged C 6550's and KT88's tubes that Upscale also sells. The stock tubes are pretty decent to get you started.

As for power cords, I have had great luck with the Naim $25 power cord that is sold by Gene Rubin Audio . I had read a few threads both here and in Audio Asylum and splurged for $150 for 6 power cords. I am using Signal Cable Classic Speaker Cables . For interconnects, I have used IXOS Silver Gamma 1001 (silver/copper hybrid) and the Signal Cable Silver Resolution also with success.

Let's us know how you make out with your new amp.

Regards, Rich