PrimaLuna ProLogue 7 Monoblocks or ?

The PrimaLuna ProLogue 7 Monoblocks were recommended to me as a good match for my Martin Logan Ethos speakers by - well a dealer who sells them and he may be right.

Does anyone have experience with these amps? And with using them with electrostatics?
Or the underlying question is what is the best amp for Martin Logan Ethos - electrostatic speakers.

Recommendations in the $1-2k price range?
I'm using a Bryston 4B-SST and a Dehavilland ultraverve3 tube preamp with my Ethos and it is a pretty good match.
The PrimaLuna amps are well regarded, see if the dealer will let you take them home for an audition. In the meantime there is a thread on this topic in this forum titled, "tube amps and electrostatics" that should interest you.