Premature wear from power-cycling?

The processor I had in my system sends out a pulse when going from standby to on and another when going back to standby. These pulses turn my amps on and off. The new processor, a Cary Cinema 11a, sends out and holds a DC shift when going form standby to on then turns off the shift when going back to standby. It turns the amps on but not off. Recently, I've begun to turn the processor back on briefly on after system shut-down to trigger the amps off. It occurred to me that doing this may lead to premature processor wear, caps getting charged, and so forth. Is my concern justified?

I don't think so. It might wear tubes or switches but is safe for semiconductors and caps. Electrolytic caps will get momentary temperature increase because of large current going thru internal resistance (life of electrolityc cap cuts in half for every 10degC temp increase - simply drying out), but it is very short (small temp increase) one-time event.