Preamps with Avantgarde speakers

Hi. Although I’ve seen several threads regarding good amps to use with Avantgarde speakers I do not recall any threads that dealt with preamps. For the AG users out there, what preamp do you use/recommend and why do you like it? It would also be insightful to know what amp you use with the preamp & which AG speaker you have. Thanks for your comments. (Note, I have Duos.)
Hey Tubes,

I think we have talked before....I have a pair of AVG Duo 3.2's. These have the upgraded internal wiring (Cardas), Cardas wiring harness and PC's...... Black Diamond footers etc. For a power amp I use an Art Audio PX25 w/the low gain (AVG) mod.

Okay, now to your real question..... I run an Aesthetix Callisto signature balanced into the amps, and I have changed out all of the original tubes to NOS (Tele, Mullard, Genelex, etc.). I had purchased this pre just before I bought the AVG's. At that time my system was a high powered tube set-up centered around Martin Logan Prodigy's and Audio Research power and pre amps. I was afraid the Aesthetix might be noisy (or at the very least unsynergistic) in this set-up. Fortunately, it is absolutely dead quiet. I can put my ear right up to the throat of the horn and only hear a very faint tube rush (which I think is from the PX25's).

Sound-wise, the Callisto is georgeous in every way (at least to my ears)......... Great tonality, extreem resolution, great sense of pace and timing...... It does all of the audiophile tricks, but overall it's just nice to listen to.

On the downside.... It's big (and I don't even have dual PS), bare bones as features go, and is expensive to re-tube.

Hope this helps.......... What are you looking to do?

I've been using an all Atmasphere setup (M60s and MP-1) for about six years with my Duos. It straddles the so-called line between accuracy and musicality better than anything else I've heard, including SETs, and the result is purity. To me this (purity) is the holy grail in audio reproduction. I remove the V2 driver tube on my M60s to achieve lower gain due to AG sensitivity and this gives me the gain structure and idle quiesence needed.
I used a Art Audio VP1 mk2 with my duo 2.2 and my oris rigs very nice preamp great phono stage dual outputs active or passive mode very good sound.
Hi Chris. Yes, we have talked before. I recommended the Art Audio PX-25 to you and am happy that you enjoy it.

Per what I am endeavoring to do. I like my current preamp, but it is not the as compatible as I'd like with the 103 db efficient Duos. My preamp has significantly more gain than most preamps and a stepped volume control. Naturally, the lower volume steps have large increments, and thus it is difficult to achieve correct volume settings.

And so I was curious what preamps other AG users have found to float their boats. Thank you everyone for your responses.
I use the TRON Meteor preamp from the UK with my Duos. The current TRON pre is the Syren. The TRON was designed to work particularly with AG horns as the designer (Graham Tricker) is the UK distributor for AG. The US agent is Jeff at Highwater Sound.

Sorry to weigh in so late on this one but my system now sings with a BAT VK51se. It does it all, huge soundstage, magical dynamics, subtle and powerful at once. Would add that I just finished the Omega upgrade and would recommend that if you were to do one thing to your system, save your pennies and do the upgrade. I had read all the initial comments and the 6moons article on the upgrade but went ahead mostly on recommendations from two people I trust without knowing if it would be that big of a deal. It is and more. The improvement is striking in all departments and raises the performance of these great speakers to new heights. System: Duo's (Omega upgrade), BAT VK51se, Audiopax Mono 88's-Mark II, Ayre C5xe SACD, Cardas GR interconnects, Duo jumpers, speaker cable and PC's on the BAT and Ayre, Elrod Sig 3's on the Duo subs and Elrod Sig 2's on the Audiopax, (2) Ps Audio Premiers ordered. Best to you!
For my Trio Omega with a basshorns, I am using Antiphon Conductor preamp and Antiphon Monolith monoblocks.
The reason for the Conductor: absolute reference level detail preservation and pre-amplification, uncomparable dynamic scaling, most natural tonality, widest and deepest soundstage formation and leveling capacity.
The reason for the Monoliths: true amplification of whatever fed to, most natural and warmest rendering of tonality, widest and deepest soundstage formation and leveling capacity, tightest and deepest low frequency reproduction (among SET amplifiers) even rivaling the Boulder 2060 amplifier.