Preamps and a Cayin A 50T

Can anyone help me or have experience at this?
I own an Adcom GTP 500 and a Cayin A 50T. The Cayin is being used as the integrated amp that it is. I want to experiment hooking it up to the Adcom pre amp but have no idea how to do it, there is no connection labeled for a pre amp on the Cayin. I will appreciate your help.
The A88t had pre-amp inputs but that's not a feature of the
A-50t I believe. So this will not be easy. But I could be wrong since I don't actually have this unit. But I was considering buying one before and did some research. Good luck
Used to have the A50T.

It does not have a pre-amp in. However, the A50 has a passive preamp section. It can be modded to become a power amp with a bit of effort.

You can try turning the volume knob to about 12 o clock and run your adcom in to see if you like the sound.