preamp with phono stage as a "phono module"?

I've got an old PS Audio 6.0 Preamp that I'd like to use just the phono stage for my turntable (ie as a "phono module"),to feed another line level preamp. The reason is that the line-level amp I'm considering has an ht bypass that I'd like for my AVR. Would it be possible to do the following connections:

turntable -> PS Audio phono input -> PS Audio output -> line-level input preamp -> output to power amp

I tried searching on this already, but I was unable to find this info (It was tough to think of specific keywords to address this question!) Anyway, thank you all for any advice you can give.
The way you are connecting it you will have 2 volume controls in the chain, one too many. Take the tape out from the PS audio and connect it to a line input on the other pre-amp. That should work fine.
Here is the same question with answers that was just asked a few days ago:
Yes you can do it. The best way is as mentioned from a 'tape out' if the phono preamp has one.
I actually use another preamps phono section to my main preamp in the same manner.
To keep my Audio Research SP-15 in good shape and just use its three tube phono section, I run it once in awhile into my current main preamp.
Newbee and Elizabeth- thank you both very much for your advice and recommendations. Glad this can work (provided i can cram all these components into my cabinet!)

Mofimaddness - apologies for asking again. Thanks for pointing to the previous thread.I was thinking of just using the Line Out on the first amp--I didnt know the Tape Out would be cleaner.