Preamp selection for a high sensitivity amp ?

Dear all, I am looking for a top notch preamp to mate to my Audio note quest Single ended triodes monoblocks (300B based, 9 Watt channel)

It looks to me quite uncommon they present a input sensitivity of 0,25Volts.

I guess that this is done to get real sound pressure from a low power amp, right?
In fact with my actual preamp that has high gain I have high volume already at 9 o clock.
If I move up to 12 it became distorted in fact.
Is this a clear lead to go for low gain preamps?
Will it than be better to just mate it with audio note preamp that seems to have 18dB gain and 4.4 volt max output?
Please be so kind to give me just few names or gain value to choose the preamp at the best.
It is not clear why you want to change pre-amps. Does the volume control work poorly below 9 o'clock? If so, then that is a good reason to change pre-amps. But if your problem is that you want more loudness without distortion, that is a problem with your amp, not your pre-amp.
Really nobody can help ?
I am planning a pre upgrade. I need to mate a high sensitivity amp with the right gain pre.
This is it
What type of preamp you have?
What type of speakers you have?
Most preamps can have their output gain adjusted by their manufacturers, so you don't need to limit yourself to preamps with factory spec'd low output gain.
If you get a low-gain pre now, you might have to replace it too when you change amps in the future. It might be better to get a pre with switchable gain. Or get the best pre you can find, and just use the lower part of the rotation.
Thanks for the advises. I have a DIY Euridice pre based on Di Marzio design.
I have not builded it and it has a buzzing noise sometime. That's why I am planning and upgrade.
You have a few choices:

1/ Quad preamps. Especially the older ones. Quad amps traditionally had 0.5v input sensitivity and their preamps, like the 33, 44, reached rated distortion at 0.5v out.

2/ Buy a TVC (transformer volume control). This can be used at unity gain or +6db at full tilt. The Django from is affordable.

3/ Look for a used N.E.W. P3 tube preamp. Modest gain, Cary-built, and quite good as a line stage.

4/ Audion Premier. Their power amps have input sensitivity under 1v, variable by pot, and the preamps are designed for perfect mating with the power amps.

There are others. If I think of them, I'll post more.