Preamp recommendations phono stage

Well since it looks like I am not going to get the moscode pre fixed anytime soon, I'd like to get a new pre-amp for my turn table set up. I have a moscode 300 amp, a SOTA Star Sapphire, with Zeta arm and monster alpha 2 high res, moving coil cartridge. I also have a moscode minuet, and have taken the thing in twice for service and the local shop is not making it work, so I dont want to throw more money after bad.

So my question - with about 600-1K to spend on a pre, is there anything worth getting in that price range that has a decent phono stage, and if so, what? Everything I read seems to say no. Would i be better suited just getting a pre in that range w or w/o the phono stage and then buy a separate phono pre? Thanks!
It's Classe CP-60 if you can find used.
Consider one of the Soundsmith phono pre-amps. I own the MMP3 (moving iron cartridge) and it does a nice job. Only $650