Preamp recommendation for Bryston 3BST

I am looking for a preamp for my Bryston 3B-ST power amp. I am using the CDP variable output now but am in need of preamp. Solid state or Tube, new or used. My budget is around $8-900. Thanks. Danny

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I totally agree with Fpeel on the SFL-1 Signature( good used price for a mint unit $650-$700.and is even worth up to $800.),as I had it with my 3BST and they sounded great together.I also tried a used Bryston BP-25MC with the 3BST and 2 of us agreed that in comparison ,the SFL-1 Sig. sounded warmer and more life like with just about the same amount of detail,a week later the BP-25MC was gone.I now have the latest version of an Audible Illusions M3A which has a little extra detail and a few other minor improvements,but unless I was comparing the 2 side by side I would possibly be just as happy with my prior SFL-1 Sig.The SFL-1 Sig. is a great bang for the buck in exceptional sound and the only solid state units that may sound as good are considerably more even in the used market.A used Anthem 2L tube preamp with remote offers a nice sound and has convieniance of a remote.I had a pre1L that I compared to the SFL-1 Sig. that replaced it and the SF did not make it sound lacking , other than it did everything a little bit better.If I had to have a remote an Anthem Pre 2L would be in contention.Many prefer s/s amps with tube pre amps.Happy hunting.