Preamp help.

I am looking for a preamp to take the place of my Pass Labs X-0.2. I recently tried a Audio Horizons 2.1 at it's $2050 base price. I liked it but knew I would be spending another $1500 on upgrades to bring it hopefully up to the sonic level of my Pass Labs 0.2 (if that is possible). I sold my X-0.2 for extra cash and to try something new. I would like to keep the cost to a max $2500. I may go back to a used A.H 2.1 with all the upgrades or try a recommendation from Audiogon members.
I am currently bi-amping with Pass Labs Aleph 3s and my speakers are Audio Physic Virgo IIs.
Am not familiar with your Pass Labs pre but do know Conrad-Johnson. There are a few really good pre's on here at or near your price 2000-3000 for some new or reconditioned with warranty. Have no affliation just like their sound. See if you can demo one from a nearby dealer, either solid state or my preference tube. Both are good.
Gandme, I have owned a very nice CJ and found it worked well with my Classe CA-150's and Tyler Signature Series Speakers. My CD player is a Audio Research CD3. I swapped out the CJ for the Audio Horizons with the all the bells and whistles. I did this after listening to an Audio Research Ref Two. I have not looked back. Hope this helps. Steve
You're on the right track with Audio Horizons.I would be looking for a gently used one with the premium mods,they do come up from time to time.From my experience the AH will out perform your Pass pre amp.
Thanks for the input and help. I bought a 1 year old stock Aesthetix Calypso. It may be similar to the Audio Horizons 2.1, but that's a large part of the fun in this hobby... trying something new and hoping it sounds good in your system.