Preamp for Wright 3.5 Mono's

One would think that the best matching preamp for the Wright 3.5's would be the Wright WLA12A since it is from the same company and is the matching preamp.Well i am definitely concidering this preamp but was wondering if any of you have found a better match for his amp for about the same money(or a tad more)as the WLA12A?I have 103db efficiency large horn speakers and have been running passive but thought i may give the preamp a whirl to see if i prefer that sound.I have been using the Quad 99 CDP with built in volume attenuator straight into the Wright 3.5's.I am definitely interested in seeing what the sound would be like with a preamp.Any suggestions?
I personally like the Wright preamp and use it with the Wright 1.75 (type 45) mono blocs. I also liked the MiniMax preamp which is similarly priced (and perhaps seen more often on the used market).
Bottlehead Foreplay III
Jdombrow i see that you use to use the Wright preamp but are now passive.So it sounds like you preferred the Bottlehead Foreplay III over the WLA12A but still liked the passive mode better.Is this an accurate assumption?I see you posted your system setup back in 2002 so wasn's sure if you have gone back to an active preamp since then?
Yeah i really love my Wright 3.5's too just want to get the best presentation out of them.
Yes, I've had both the Wright preamp and a Bent Audio passive TVC. It's been a while since I updated my system. I'm now using a Foreplay II that has been modified and tweaked, and it sounds superb. Most claim that the new Foreplay III is even better, plus it's quite a bargain.

Thanks jdombrow.I will look into that preamp.