Preamp for McIntosh MC7200

Will have a MC7200 soon. Was going to use the preamp from MAC4100 but had to buy a Rotel RC 1090 preamp to get the MC7200. Was going to flip the Rotel but now I am wondering if I should use it until I can get another McIntosh preamp? Will it perform better then the MAC4100 preamp?The MAC4100 is going to replace a 1990's Denon receiver in my storage/shop area. 
Was thinking of a C37 for the MC7200. Now also thinking C42 maybe MX130 (cheap $1,000, has phono but alot of unneeded stuff. Maybe not able to resell for same price?). Or just wait until I can afford a C2300 to discover tubes. What are your thoughts on this?
I would go with something like a C-29, or even the 28.  The C-29 is my hands down favorite Mac preamp.  The phone section is stellar, the tone controls (wonderful when needed) are as close to perfect as one could imagine.  This preamp soundstage is wide and deep.

They don't come up often in the used market (like the C-27), but are worth seeking out. Conversely any of the older Mac Preamps would be a great choice with your amp.  C-22, C-26, C-27, C-29, all have that glorious phone stage and signature sound..  I wouldn't trip over tubes vs. solid state when considering Mac preamps.  Either way is a win.