Preamp DAC for my Thiel 7.2 ML333

Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on matching preamps and DACs for my ML333 driving the Thiel 7.2 with Transparent Reference cables. Due to upcoming new audio standard, I would rather not buying a CD transport now. I can use my DVD player as a CD transport. Thanks.
A d/a with a healthy output (3 volts +) - I saw an Audio Alchemy DTI Pro + DDE 3.0 combination on sale on audiogon just today, those are pretty darn good products and a bargain at $600 used. Those driving a placette passive preamp (about $1400 in its simplet configuration - 2 inputs and a superb passive volume control + remote) is the best sound for the money and they are at the standard of the ml+thiel.
Tacs - Thanks for your input. I'm not so sure about passive preamps. Having spent a lot of money on the ML+Thiel and Transparent Reference cable, I don't think I want the passive preamp to be the weak link in the system. How about a used BAT VK-5i ($1800)? How does a $4000 used ML380S compare to other preamps (tube or SS) in that price range? Are tubes really better then solid state?
Tai, I'd go with the used BAT-5i in your situation, I think that would work really well with the other gear. Instead of the older Audio Alchemy gear, I'd go with either a Bel Canto DAC-1 (or 1.1), or a Perpetual Technologies P-3A with the ModWright $300 Signature modification by Dan Wright. To my ears the Signature mod made more difference than adding the P-1A; though both are worthwhile.
I dont want to talk bad about anyones input,but I must say you own a killer amp and the synergy you get when you use all levinson products is amazing. Your amp was $9,000 new and who ever thinks adding a $600 audio alchemy to that sytem has to have a few screws loose. No offense. Stick with levinson you will be happy for many years to come. When Levinson designs their amp they are gearing it up with one of their preamps and so on. so try anything you can to satisfy your mind but you will find the Levison in your home after your quest. good luck Associated equipment
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I second the recommendation to go with Levinson. During the last summer I was fortunate to find some used ML gear (38 pre, 37 trans and 36 DAC) to add to my ML 27 amp. The improvement was orders of magnitude over anything else I tried. So get a pre and DAC that are as good as your amp and speakers!
You've got yourself half of a reference level system there. I think all the suggestions above are all valid, except the Audio Alchemy one. (No punt intended) but it's like buying a Porsche 911 and putting in a Volkswagon Jetta engine.

My system consists of ML 333 + Transparent Ultra + Thiel 3.6. For preamps, I would suggest compare the ML 380s and the Audio Research Ref 2 MkII and BAT VK50 SE. You might find with the all-Levinson setup too lean with the Thiels, especially with the 333. In that case, ARC and BAT might be better choices. (I've opted for the ARC with NOS tubes over the ML 380S)

Regarding the digital front ends, I would suggest that you not worry about the new audio standards/formats. If you have a considerable collection of CDs, it would be wise to invest in a good CD playback system. The ML 37 is an excellent transport, and it can be had on the used market for an excellent price. There are some good DACs out there to consider for good prices also, Sonic Frontier, ML would be my recommendation. In any case, you can have a decent front end for under US$3000, if you buy used or demos. Good luck! Of course, there are many options, but I can't think of any worth mentioning that would be cheaper.
I wont get involved in what equipment, but will say my Sonic Frontier Line 3 goes well with Thiels. But I just lived without my SFD 2 Mark 2 while it was upgraded to the Mark III version. I used my respectable Toshiba DVD as a CD player and guess what. I didn't bother to even listen to music. The difference was a total lack of musical involvement. So saying you can live with a DVD player really hurts my musical soul.