Preamp and IC to match McCormack DNA .5.

Looking at Marsh P2000,Aragon 28k,McCormack TLC1,CJ PV10 and maybe a Dared SL2000 in that order.I only have $400>$700 (used) to spend.I will also need a RCA IC pre to amp. Only have $175 to blow on the interconnect. The system is as follows CD-Jolida JD-100, Amps-Modified Jolida 202 and McCormack DNA.5,speakers-Soliloquy 6.2 and Analysis Plus oval 9 wires. Any suggestions!!!
I use the Jolida cd player also. Mine is hot rodded by Parts Connection and uses 5751 triple black mica NOS tubes.

I also run McCormack DNA1.

I use a hot rodded passive preamp. Very uncolored and transparent.

I use mixture of Tara and Straightwire inconnects. Tara from pre to amp. Straightwire from sources to preamp.

You will find that the Straightwire is more forward, detailed and brighter than the Tara. The Tara adds a touch of warmth and is more laid back without being recessed. I also use Tara speaker wire. It all mixes together well for a great sound.

I do not know what to tell you for preamp if you want something different than passive. In my years of listening, you may investigate tubes for better bang for the buck. Seems that to get an active solid state preamp that sounds real good you have to spend some dough. Just another reason I like passive, cause to these ears you get much the same sound or better than the solid state preamps I have compared mine too for a lot less money. Tube preamp is colored anyway, so it is more forgiving in my opinion in terms of not sounding hard and bright but not as transparent.

Of the preamps you listed, I heard the Aragon 28K. It was ok. I would consider the McCormack cause you can always upgrade it later with a mod by Steve at SMc. He knows his stuff and is super knowledgeable.

Good Luck.

Consider the audible illuions line. A 2 series if you need a phono stage; an L1 if you don't. Plenty of information here at audiogon. I had a cj 10 mated w/ my .5 dlx and now have an ai 2d. Much prefer the ai (and it comes with a darn good phono stage and it's cheaper than the cj).
I agree with the Audible Illusion line.