Pre-Pro/Preamp Room Eq - Help with Meridian

I have my music on a server in Flac. 90% of my listening will be in 2.2. I expect that I might dabble in SACD or other multi-channel format in the future. I was looking at the Integra DHC 80.2 (Audyssey xt32) or something like the Tact 2.2X. Both of these purchased used are within my budget. I had read that the built-in DACs in these units are good but not great.

I've been reading about other digital processors and the one that gets mentioned a lot for digital based two channel is the older Meridian processor (5.1) or the 861 V2-V4 (out of my price range). Always mentioned are the quality of the DACs in the Meridian. The Tri-Field also intrigues me.

So my questions are:
1. Would the older Meridians have better sound quality than the newer Integra or Tact.
2. Is there substantial difference in SQ between the 92/24 DACs (OA12) vs the 192/24 (OA13)
3. Does Meridian provide a set of response curves to select from for different types of music?
4. Would adding on an Audyssey SubEq or Antimode device to the Meridian V2 be the equivalent to the V4 with Meridian room eq.

Any other comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

1) Hell yes! The Meridian's sound great, but Trifield will require a center channel.
2) I think the )A13's are only for the newest Meridian pre/[pro's
3) No, they do not.
4) The Meridian room correction is a PITA and only does the lower frequencies, up to 250 Hz I believe. I have had the 861v4 and v6 and despite numerous attempts never really got the room correction to work at all. I loved the sound of them so was never bothered by that though!

Hope that helps some, FWIW the older Meridian's can be a little difficult to set up. The computer software for their setup is great once you get used to it but there is a definite learning curve......

Thanks for the help. Is the only difference between the 861 v2 and v4 the addition of the room eq which I can get aftermarket for the lower frequencies? In other words, are the dacs the same? If the dacs are different is there substantial sound quality difference. What can you tell me about the SQ of the older systems. I think one that was mentioned was the 568. How do the 568 and 861v2 compare.

One other thing, is the Trifield on all Meridians or is it only on the 861. I would eventually add a center channel if I go this route.

Cannot comment on the v2 as I never owned one, you'll have to check Meridian's website for the DAC differences, Trifield is on the G series and 861 series, I assume but am not sure if it is on the 568 model.