Pre/Pro for 2-channel setup with HDMI, etc.?

I have what seems like a unique situation. I have a 2-channel setup mostly for music (including SACD and DVD-Audio) but I also want to watch movies and TV through the speakers. Speakers are Vandersteen 1Cs, and the amp is a Krell KDV-150a. I love them both.

What I'm trying to find is the right pre/pro that can accommodate multiple HDMI inputs, including lossless formats like SACD, and still be a great, audiophile quality pre-amp for the primary purpose--stereo music. Is there such an animal?

I've been looking at the Rotel RSP-1570, but I've seen some reported issues with the HDMI, in particular for lossless formats. If I hook up the SACD player via analog components, and the video with HDMI, for movies (same universal Oppo player), will that fix that kind of problem and still all be synced up correctly? And what about the Integra 9.9?

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.