Pre-amp with Marantz receiver?

I own a Marantz SR-9300 receiver and am looking to improve the 2-channel performance. I think the amps in the receiver are probably pretty good, and am wondering if there is any value in using a separate pre-amp (which I understand is often the weak point in receivers).

The receiver has inputs called 'Main Amplifier Inputs' which, according to the manual, 'may be used to connect an external source to the the internal amplifiers'. Could I connect a two channel pre-amp to this input? Do you think it would make a noticeable improvement? My source is a Marantz SA8400 sacd/cd player, with redbook fed through a Bel Canto DAC2, to Elac 207.2 speakers.
I hapen to have this receiver.---Get an outboard AMP and be impressed.---The amps within are the item that is so,so.--- Pull out the straps that connect the pre-to the amp.--(The top 2;next to your digital inputs)--(right side as you look over the front)That's where the ics go that connect to your outboard amp. Naturally,the speaker wire will now come from 'that' amp to your front speakers.--Takes you to another place.--If your amp is good enough.
Thanks George. Can I ask what power amp you're using? Are you using the reciever's preamp outputs? Also, what digital sources/speakers are you using?
Hi Bailey.I'm using an old White Audio Labs amp; which cost more than the receiver. I just kept it around because it doesn't command that much used.---And I have finally found a good use for it.The rest of my system is mega-buck stuff you probably never heard of. S A P horns?? I thought not.---The straps that connect the pre to the amps are those flat black things; where I describe they are and you would only want the top 2. Remove those. The ics to your outboard amp go on the right side of where the straps came out.
You're certainly right about the S A P horns - never heard of them! Just to make sure I understand, you're recommending disconnecting the receiver's preamp from its own FL and FR amps. Do I then just use the receiver's preamp outputs for FL and FR, located on the back of the unit, or are you suggesting I do something else (I'm pretty new at this and must admit I'm not sure what an ic is!) Thanks again.

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IC is the abbreviation of Interconnect Cable, and it's the tipical RCA cable.
I agree with George when he says an out board power amp will improve the sound a lot, it happened to me with a modest priced power amp.
I'm not familiar with the design of the Marantz but on most receivers you have to use the ''Pre Outs'' to connect your receiver with the separate power amp.

Hope this helps.
As you peer over the top;from the front of the sr9300-- on the right side of the receiver there is a row of flat black connectors U shapped;when removed.--Make sure you unplug your sr9300 first.--- the top 2--slightly to the right of the didital inputs-row -- pull them out with your finger nails. They are only 1/2 in. deep---You can just line them up and push them back in to get acquainted with how they come in and out. Still peering over the top/ from the front--The left front channel out-is the top/ and right-front-out is just below.-----That is where your ic's go---to the input of your outboard amp.--Now that you know what ic's are.
From the same position --looking over to the back of the unit---after the U shaped plugs have been removed-- the ic's go in on the right side of where these plugs came out. These actually connect the 'pre' part of your receiver to the 'amp' part of your receiver.---In that you would be using a different amp;you wouldn't want these connectors in place.
Thanks very much for the help. I've got my eye on a Musical Fidelity amp that looks like it would fit the bill quite nicely.
hi what kind of amplification are you using now
i just got the fs 207.2
thanks a lot norman