Pre-Amp with A/B Switch?

Attempting to drive two sets of speakers in two different rooms in my second home. First set of speakers will be Soliloquy 5.3s. Have not purchased 2nd set of speakers. Looking for a pre-amp in the 1K used range or an integrated in the 2.5K range that has an A/B speaker switch. Is there any better way to manage connections to 2 sets of speakers without duplicating other components?

If you'll only have a pre-amp with A/B switch, you will still need a second amp to drive a second set of speakers.
Some McIntosh pre-amps have the A/B switches. McIntosh integrated MA6400 and MA6500 can control 2 sets of speakers.
Instead of pre-amp with dual outputs, I use a Bryston 2-way speaker switch box. You can select both, A or B, or none. It also includes a low impedance headphone jack. This is a nicely made product with gold plated switch contacts. I drive some serious current through it with a Bryston 14B SST amplifier into Snell Type A/II and Cambridge Soundworks Tower loudspeakers and have not heard any audible effects.