Pre-amp selection advice needed

Hello Audiophiles,
This is my current audio system:
Volumio (on RPi3) or PC --> USB --> Chord Hugo DAC --> Dynaudio Focus 110A (Active speakers).

The Chord Hugo has only digital input, and now I need to expand my system with a TEAC TN-400BT turnable. And may be more in the future. 
The pre-amp will help to prevent plug/unplug from the speakers' input everytime when I switch sources. And also a device that help to accept more analog sources to feed to my active speakers.

Can you advice which preamp to choose that can match with the Chord Hugo, in term of size, budget and sound quality?

Thanks a lot.

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There are a million units that you could pick.  Budget is the biggest constraint as there are preamps that can be had for less than $1000 or you could spend $30,000 without blinking an eye.

When taking into account the Hugo 2 a your DAC, my hunch is you would be looking in the $2000 to $3000 range.  Chord is out as their least expensive preamp is way more.  

For a good value, the Musical Fidelity M6s PRE is great for $2K.  You could look at Rogue if you are willing to consider tubes and the the RP1 and RP5 would be nice options at $1500 and $3500 respectively.  

The PS Audio Stellar Pre is a nice unit for $2499. Parasound has a preamp in this price range as does Vincent.  Just above there is the Art Audio VPS at $4K.  Lots of choices.   

I am an MF dealer and have access to some other brands.  PM me if you narrow it down and want to discuss ordering.