Pre-Amp decision from a Newbie - Need Help

I am looking for a solid state pre-amp less than $1000.00 that will fit in my newbie rigg, as I have just entered the serious world of fine audio reproduction. I have a Rega Planet 2000 as my source, along with a Rotel RB1080 amp driving a pair of B&W DM604S3's. I listen to progressive rock and metal, which demands the quick bass punch, long deep melotron notes, and warmer mids along with super crisp high's. Is there a pre-amp that can fit in this setup? Perhaps being able to add a tuner for the other half might come in the futureas well. HELP!!!

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Analog Shop in Victor has a CJ PV10B w/phono stage adv. on the website for $799. This is probably close enough to you based on the roch.rr. address. A nice shop with low key guys. Haven't been there in a couple of years, but they seem to be in the business for the right reasons.
Plenty to be said for a home demo...

Many all tube or tube hybrid preamps will give you better sound and a nice balance w/your ss power amp?
If you're tube-shy, remember that tubes in preamps don't need biasing, last years, and are no harder to replace than swapping power cords.
All the guitarists you're listening to have tubes in their guitar amps!
Consider Audible Illusions, Audio Research(e.g. LS7), Conrad-Johnson(made in nearby Binghamton), Rogue Audio. Lots to good stuff that beats most ss in your price range.