Powered Speaker Recommendation

I have a AudioTechnica LP1240 turntable that is currently running into a pair of active powered Mackie SRM450's via an Allen & Heath 16 channel mixer. I have gone through the turntable setup procedures for the AT100E cartridge. The overall sound lacks depth and provides an inferior sound field. I have used the SRM450 for live PA and thought I would try these for sound production in my man cave. The room is approximately 20x20. I have been looking at powered "bookshelf" speakers and most specifically at the Audioengine A5+. Anyone out there have an opinion on if this would create better imaging versus my current setup? I would like active/powered speakers. I have also looked at the Yamaha HS8. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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"Many people have criticized me heavily for my comments on active studio monitors. Your problem is a perfect example as to why I make those claims. "

yes zd you are still compelled to respond to any forum post here talking about your disdain for active monitors . Why is this ? You must have had a real bad experience that scarred you . 

To the op if you have not heard any it is definitely worth checking out . If you do like them they give you better cost to performance ratios than "hifi" brands . No speaker wires to buy .