Power for CAT preamp


I am looking for a power cord for CAT preamp... / Yamamoto YDA 01 DAC My budget is about $800 to $1500 used for each...
I've listened to a bunch of different power cords with the CAT preamp and, for that matter, with many others. The best that I've heard--quietest, most neutral and musical--are the ESP (Essential Sound Products) Reference cords that Ken Stevens also recommends for his electronics. They're the best I've heard too.
Hi Kevin,

ESP which model do you recommend? how much does it cost for a used cable?

I have heard both the original Essence and the last generation Reference. Both sound superb. I haven’t heard the less expensive MusicCords but I’ve been told by people who have that they’re real giant killers.
I use Kaplan GS-mk2 on my CAT pre, its cheap new (falls within your used price)and bettered cables like Audience, KS, and others which are 2-3 times the Kaplan Cable cost. Great imaging, 3D soundstage 2D4, excellent hi's and bass.
Cabling like art is sometimes foolishly priced and there are many guys getting rich in this market.Wish I was that smart.
Place your ego aside,you simply don't have to spend $800 to $1500 for a top shelf PC.I've owned many supposedly world class cables.Audio Sensibilty,and the key word here is "sensibility",based in Toronto is in the business of handcrafting cables.Steve Huang,using only the best available materials and incorporating his knowledge of energy transfer into the construction phase produces a work of art both sonically and cosmetically.They are world class products.
I have no affiliation with the company,I only believe in what my ears say not hearsay.