Power cords for krell FPB 250m. Need adapters?

I noticed on the power cord used with the krell amps the power plug is not the standard used on most electronics.Can I purchase a adapter so In can use a different power cord?
What you have there is a 20 anp iec.to my knowledge there is no adapter available. I was able to send my Synergistic cord to them for re termination.
You probably have the same cord as my FPB 200 which is the rather strange combination of a 20 amp female IEC with a 15 amp male wall plug. I'm not sure there are many cable manufacturers willing to risk the potential (liability) exposure of creating a 20 amp cord that can be plugged into 15 amp rated circuits (constant blown fuses or tripped breakers). It's similiar to someone wanting an adapter so they can plug their electric range (50 amp) into their electric dryer (30 amp) recepticle. There are a couple of power cord manufactures on this site you could contact. One or more of them might be willing to build you a 20 amp rated cord with 20 amp female IEC and 20 male wall connector. Of course you would have to have a 20 amp circuit with 20 amp female reepticle to use it.