Power cords,15A and 20A.What's the difference?

Can I also use 20A cord with any piece of equipment or it's only for high-current amps? Who has the expertise?
A 20 amp cord is not only capable of passing more current for sustained duration, it will have a different type of power plug on it that will only work in a 20 amp wall receptacle. As such, the two types of power cords are only interchangable if you have twenty amp outlets in your wall.

As a side note, IEC connectors that are used at the component level are quite a horrible method of trying to make a connection. If you are truly wanting to upgrade the current potential of the component, get rid of the IEC jacks and have some "real" power jacks installed. Trying to pass a sustained level of high current through any IEC will only result in "bad things" happening. Sean
Sean please elaborate regarding your comment above "get rid of the IEC jacks and have some "real" power jacks installed."
The IEC connector on the 20a cord is about 50% larger and has a different pin orientation than the 15a IEC variety and is usually only used on very large amplifiers....The wall plug on the 20a outlet has a different orientation as well and must be used with a 20a wall socket. Funny thing about the wall sockets and the wall plugs is they (20a) appear to have exactly the same pins/sockets as the 15a variety, just oriented differently......
Good one, Bob. Yes, almost all 15 and 20a male ACs and many duplexes have the same contacts, just different geometry. IEC320 connectors continue to be the weak link here. (The affordable Schurter 4781.0100 IS a good one for high current, but only after you modify its contacts.
For true 20a use I suggest hard-wiring around the IEC even if it's the horizontal-spade true 20a. Too bad this isn't often an option. I found it of further interest that during a conversation with one of the IEC320 manufacturers about the 10-12AWG size limit of their terminal beds that he noted that most of the PC manufacturers who buy from him simply shave their 8-10AWG conductors down to fit them into the IECs! Sigh.... Be careful what you pay for, guys, and Happy Holidays.