Power Cord Length

Here's one for the electric wizards to kick around. Whilst attending Axpona this weekend I was doing some power cord shopping. At one particular display I was being told by a very well known cable company representative, I'll not mention the name so it doesn't influence any responses, that the rule of thumb is that in order for the pwr cord to be effective it needs to be at least five feet long. This allows the current to be in the cord long enough for it to be effective. Ok, I'm really dumb when it comes to this sort of thing so maybe I said that in the most simpliest of words but that's pretty much how it was explained. Anyone care to elaborate on this good or bad?

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dbtom2- not bad...
Hopefully, almarg will post on this. He usually has the ability to answer these questions with scientific acumen.
In my humble opinion, I would use a power cord that is long enough to reach the outlet and component, yet provide enough movement so that adjustments to interconnects can be done with ease.
I went from PS Audio PC's to Zu. The PS were a P in the A, due to their thickness and inflexibility. The Zu's are more flexible, but only come in 1+ meter lengths-shorter lengths are priced at the 1 meter price-so I now have an extra half meter for some of my power cables.
As far as sound goes, the PS cables sounded better than a stock cable, but the Zu's didn't seem to add or detract from the overall sound. So, I guess there is a point of diminishing returns with power cables.

As a relative newcomer, I may be out of line, but I really hate it when the original question gets lost and rancor and animosity lead us down the slippery slope to nowhere.
Either agree to disagree or just let it go....
Me, too....
Thanks mazur.
You responded to an old thread, but, it is good that you tried upgrading your power cables. These things can make an 'improvement', but, as you have found out, it depends upon the equipment associated.
FWIW, I seem to have settled on Audioquest for my wiring.