Power cord for Rotel RCD-1072 CDP

Has anyone who owns the above or similar CD player upgraded their stock power cord and if so, what did you upgrade to, what did you spend, and what differences did you observe? The one supplied by Rotel seems quite substantial on the outside but of course, it's the inside that counts. i'd rather not spend more than $100.00. Is this too low to notice a difference? Thanks.
Try an MIT Z-cord II. That is what we used on the 1072 and it complimented it very well. It is in your price range.

Whether you notice a difference or not will totally depend on the resolution of the rest of your system. If your system is dialed in just right and your speakers are properly sized and sited, and your hearing is good, you will hear a difference.

Signal Cable's Digital Reference is a nice upgrade to a stock power cord. Under $100 new.
I would go with Virtual Dynamics Power 3.