Power cord for Plinius SA100 & 102 ?

I have been told that the Plinius SA 100 & 102 can benefit from a better power cord; any experiences and recommendations?
Ive have used an Electraglide Mini Khan Plus cord on both my previous SA 100MkII amp and my current SA250/2 amp with excellent sonic results. It brings you closer to the music in every way over the stock cords...Best! Ken
Ron the costum powercord model 11, is the best I tried.
Its cheaper.I tried cardas golden cross, powerchord,
TGaudio,cardas quadlink,MIT,Virtual Dynaimic Nite.
Of all the amps that I have used, the Plinius 8100 integrated has benefited the most from a power cord. I have liked the sound of the synergistic research a/c master coupler, analysis plus power oval, acoustic zen tsunami, the BMI shark, and the elrod EPS series. Good luck.
Thanks guys for the responses, I will start looking through the classifieds for one of your suggestions.